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About Krijn Verwijs
Mussels: meat of the future!™

Krijn Verwijs Yerseke B.V. was established in 1880 as a breeding company for oysters. This family business has developed over the course of time into one of the largest players in the European crustacean and shellfish market. Every day we supply mussels to supermarket chains and (catering) wholesalers in Europe under the brand name Premier and under ‘private labels’. We furthermore offer our clients a complete assortment of oysters, lobsters and various types of shellfish.

A few years ago, we introduced a new label specially intended for the catering industries: Premier Premium Quality. The mussels and oysters that we supply under this name are of absolute top quality.

Our main establishment in Yerseke employs around one hundred people with specialist knowledge and enthusiasm for the production and sales of our lovely natural products.Thanks to our client-oriented approach, our 130 years’ experience in the sector, continuous quality improvement and innovation, we have built an excellent reputation with our brand name Premier in terms of breeding, processing and selling crustaceans and shellfish.

Our Vision

Mussels: meat of the future!

Mussels are a truly regional product. They are low in calories, but rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, and fit perfectly in a healthy and sensible diet. Moreover, mussels have a much lower environmental impact than meat, making them a sustainable alternative. 

Our vision is based on: 

The conviction that the region is becoming increasingly important; people want to make a difference in their own immediate area, so they increasingly opt for healthy, sustainably produced regional products.
The fact that the current level of meat production is under increasing pressure, because it has such a high environmental impact.
The expectation that the demand for animal protein will increase as a result of a growing global population.